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Wallet Inspector

Wallet Inspector.jpeg

Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Q4 Mastering, Wallet Inspector have released their first single Betelgeuse. Their music is an instrumental masterclass, seamlessly blending highly energetic and chaotic madness with smooth atmospheric tranquility. 

Jack Anthony

Jack Anthony.jpeg

Produced and mixed by Ryan Cramp and Mastered at Q4 Mastering, Jack's debut single 'On My Own' came out strong with an uplifting and catchy indie vibe that is sure to get everyone singing along.



Mastered at Q4 Mastering, Pistonfist have unleashed their latest slab of petrol fuelled rock in the form of a vinyl album titled Redline, an angry sounding anthemic piece of rock sure to stick in your mind and demand repeat listens.



All music was produced and engineered at Q4 Mastering, mainly written by Pez. Tongues is a project based around music that is raw, aggressive, and divergent of any current trends. A reflection and extension of an irate and enraged attitude.

Other clients include

  • We Are Not Robots

  • Firing Squad

  • Kaosphere

  • Driven Fear

  • Head 1st

  • Sound Affliction

  • Le Rayes

  • Byron & The Black Sky

  • Eternal Torment

  • Them Wolves

  • In Eden Slain

  • Whisperhead

  • Born Again Hypocrite

  • Kobrakai

  • Level H

  • Ocean Shores

  • Scandal Tree

  • TKS

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