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Nik Carpenter 
Core Studios

Ayden Perry is a genius. Not only a phenomenally musically talented brain, but a tech brain also. His precision in execution as a musician, engineer, producer and mastering engineer will earn him a seat above the rest. Already being chosen over some of the best in the world for his masters, Ayden is the complete package in audio.

Geoffro O'Leary

So happy with the outcome from Ayden. He really knows his stuff and absolutely delivered on our tracks. Exactly what we were after. Sounds bigger than we possibly could have imagined!!

Beau McKee

Beau McKee Recordings

Ayden good and sound good. And strong 💪

Damien Dixon
Wallet Inspector

Such a lovely experience working with the folks from Q4 Mastering. A very high standard of professionalism and a great quality product. I've done many recordings but none quite hold up to par like the recordings done by Q4 Mastering.

Jack Anthony

Solo Artist

Ayden was a pleasure to deal with. He took all of my notes on board and knew what I wanted, so he was able to bring me a finished product that we were all super stoked with.

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