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The below prices are used as a guide, as longer projects will be priced based upon requirements.
All rates include an engineer.



AUD $100 per song

Combining the warmth of top tier outboard gear with the accuracy of some of the best mastering software available, mastering your release will ensure it is radio ready, and reaches it's full potential. Album sequencing is included, and you will be provided with multiple formats, to ensure your product can be released to all platforms, including vinyl if required.


Enquire for a Quote

With a plethora of software and hardware available, mixing is available for all genres. This is also available online, by providing the multitracks. If you are looking to record from home, advice can be provided for the tracking process, to establish a great source sound so the mix can reach it's full potential. Mixing varies from project to project, so please contact with your needs for a quote.

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