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Q4 Mastering utilises a purpose built control room including a hybrid recording setup, mixing the warmth of analog outboard hardware with the precision of software and plugins. 

2023 Apple M2 Mac Studio

Lynx Hilo Mastering DA/AD Converter

Dangerous AD+ mastering AD converter

Whitestone Audio P331 EVL Tube loading amplifier

API 2500+ Bus compressor

Giles Audio 1722 (Custom made Mu compressor)

HVA EQ-6S stereo equalizer

Dangerfox Genesis 24u Desk

Audeze LCD-5 Audiophile headphones

Avantone mix cubes

Lynx Hilo DAC/Headphone amplifier

iFi audio xDSD Gryphon DAC/Headphone amplifier

Audio Technica ATH M50X headphones

WaveLab Pro 12 

Logic Pro X

Pro Tools

SpectraLayers 9/Izotope RX 9/Ozone 9

Tokyo Dawn Labs

Fabfilter suite (selective)

Softube suite (selective)

Universal Audio (selective)

Vertigo Sound suite (full)

Sonnox Inflator


Tone Projects (full)

Plugin Alliance (selective)

Leapwing audio (selective)

Hardware/Outboard Gear



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